Speaking Topics


Midas Touch Customer Service
How to Mine The Gold of Customer Loyalty & Harvest More Repeat Business

  • Using Referral Magic To Increase Sales at Low/No Cost
  • Converting Angry Customers into Ardent Ambassadors
  • Inspiring Employees to Think and Act Like Owners
  • Feed your winners, starve your losers, multiply your returns
  • How to ask your customers for more money, and get it!

The Care and Feeding Of Your Banker

  • Easy ways your banker will eagerly say "Yes!"
  • Controlling the costs of banking and loan services
  • Knowing what you really need in a financial relationship
  • Uncovering the secrets the bank wishes you didn’t know

Aggressive Listening as a secret weapon

  • Identifying common communication pitfalls
  • Secrets from the Pros that get them guaranteed results
  • Getting your point across while keeping the relationship